>What’s in a name


Another random rambling tonite, about names this time.

Masa I preggy dulu, one of the enjoyable bits about being pregnant was the choosing the name bit. Bila 2 cultures collide come together, sometimes,  a task as easy as choosing a name pun can become quite laborious, hehehehe.

(But I am so thankful yang my kids weren’t born in the last few years in M’sia! Because if I were in M’sia and I jenis someone who follows the flow or keeps up with the trend, maulah agaknya nama anak2 I tu sikit nya panjang berjela2 kan, hakhakhakhak. Kalau tengok nama budak2 zaman sekarang, sikitnya unique ke the spelling and also sampai 3-4 nama Smile).

Masa The Other Half and I were choosing the girls’ names, the only thing we had in mind was that the names had to be short and easy to spell and pronounce. The Other Half is not that good in spelling (even the english words, hikhikhik), bayangkan lah kalau I pandai2 pilih nama sikit nya panjang the spelling, kesian laki I tu nak eja Confused smile.

But dalam pilih2 nama tu, he also had one request of the names we chose.

He doesn’t want the initials to spell anything bad or strange or weird.

Dia kata kan ke best kalau the initials spell something nice or doesn’t spell anything at all so tak boleh lah budak2 make fun of the girls’ names.

So, when I was preggy with Miss 11 (who’s going to be Miss 12 in 2 weeks time), The Other Half had already chosen her first name. He found the name in a favourite story book of his, a book called Dune by Frank Herbert. It’s the name of one of the characters in the story.

And I got the job of choosing the second name. Since the name he chose started with A and the surname starts with T, I kena choose a middle name that would not make the initials spell anything bad!

You nak tau bila I dapat cari a suitable loved-by-us second name tu? About a few days before I terberanak! hikhikhikhik…..

And her initials end up spelled A.H.T Open-mouthed smile. Takde makna apa2 yg nasty, hehehehe.

With Miss 7 pulak, I’ve already chosen the first name. I’ve fallen in love with the name so it had to stay Winking smile. And then bila I asked The Other Half to choose her second name, punyalah asik tak berkenan aje I dengan segala nama2 yang dia pilih. And then bila I pilih nama, dia terus kata tak boleh sebab it will spell Z.I.T and he said, kesian kat anak dia nanti kalau betul2 penuh zit kat muka.

Hish, ada ke itu excuse dia bagi……..

And then we found a second name that we sort of not ‘not like’ and we sort of agreed with it. And then bila I dah delivered, Miss 11 who was 4 1/2 at that time pun bagitau Nana n Pop dia sape nama her new sister.

But, bila we had to register her birth, we changed our minds again and change her second name. Kesian Nana n Pop terpinga2 tiba2 cucu diaorang dapat nama lain, hehehe.

And she ended up with Z.S.T, see, takde makna langsung the initials kan Open-mouthed smile.

Can you imagine if we were to name the kids and the initials come out as S.H.I.T or R.A.T or R.O.T or B.A.T or B.R.A.T or P.E.S.T?

Sian diaorang kan, heeeee…..

And ini our dinner yang takde kaitan langsung dengan nama


Lemon pepper squid, crumbed whiting and seasoned fries with steamed broccoli.


All frozen from the shop and all oven baked. I cuma masukkan semua dalam oven and steamed the broccoli aje.

You can reduce the calories of the fish n chips you eat by baking them in the oven instead of frying them in oil. Doesn’t matter what oil you use, it is still high in calories.


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