>Sweet edible ‘insects’


As usual, Sunday is my ‘bringing the cake’ day so kalau I nak bawak cake or cuppies, I will bake them on Saturday night. Kalau I bawak muffins, I will bake them early on Sunday morning. Muffins are much nicer fresh out of the oven while cuppies and cakes you can put them in the fridge overnight and it will still taste really good the next day.

So last night I made choc cuppies (what else is new kan, hehehe). Walaupun I buat choc cuppies most Sundays, I selalunya use different recipes everytime sebab saje je nak try one of those millions of recipes available on the net. And last nite, I tried this recipe but I kurangkan the sugar.

I made 1 1/2 recipes and I got 24 regular cuppies, 10 mini cuppies and 6 shaped cuppies out of it. And pagi tadi I iced them a bit just to make them more attractive.


This ones for Sunday school. Like I said, only a bit more attractive not a lot more, hikhikhik….

And these are the shaped cuppies I made.

See, when you kemas2 all your baking stuff, you find all these treasure like this silicon insect-shaped baking tray that you bought a long time ago and had forgotten about.

So, the moral of the story is, rajin2 lah berkemas, hikhikhik.

TTM buat dinosaur cakes sebab anak2 dia semua boys. I pulak buat all cute insects sebab anak2 I pompuan kan. Actually I ada jugak dinosaur tray tu and my girls love the dinosaur shapes too Smile.


So cute kan but the butterflies dah tercabut the antennae and the end bits. Masa nak keluarkan from the mould, boleh pulak terpatah.


Up close and personal Winking smile. Ada 2 butterflies, 1 dragonflies, 1 ladybird and 2 beetles.


I rasa kalau pakai fondant icing sure lagi cantik sebab it follows the shape of the insects but tak kuasa I nak main dengan fondant.


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