>Monday story


There’s only another week of school left before the holidays start. And then, masuk aje sekolah balik, Miss 7 will have to sit for NAPLAN which is an Australian-wide test for Year 3, Year 5, Year 7 and Year 9 students. Since she’s in Year 3 this year, kenalah dia sit for the test. Diaorang cuma assess literacy and numeracy aje pun but itupun ambik masa 3 hari for the test.

So I said to her that she’s not allowed to play on the computer or the DS or Wii after school for the month of April sampai lah habis NAPLAN ni.

Baru aje I tak bagi main benda2 tu after school. She can still play with them at the weekend. She can still watch tv in the morning while having breeakfast before going to school, she can still watch tv after school while having afternoon tea.

Itu pun dah whinged macam lah I tak bagi dia main segala benda and tak bagi dia tengok tv langsung!

Hish! Nampak sangat tak pernah merasa sekolah kat M’sia kan! hehehehehe……

I told her yang masa I kecik2 dulu, bila aje time exam, I tak boleh langsung tengok tv and tak boleh keluar main petang2 for a month sampailah habis exam. Sikit pun tak kisah sebab dah biasa….

Pastu, dia boleh tanya I whether I akan bagi dia hadiah kalau her results are good. I said to her, results tu keluar end of third term or fourth term, sikit nya lama lagi ke so we’ll wait and see.

Pastu, she said, “Maybe you can give me a present once I have finished NAPLAN?

Banyak lah cantik!

Mana ada orang dapat hadiah semata2 habis sit exam. Well, not my kids anyway, hikhikhikhik…..

I dah masak kan you nice dinners every night tu dah kira bagus lah kan Winking smile.


Our dinner tonite. Beef ravioli pasta bake.


I masak pasta bake using frozen beef ravioli. Makan dengan salad and sweet corn. I bought the ravioli, tak kuasa nak membuat sendiri. Haritu I found a shop selling frozen halal filled pasta so I pun belilah 1 bag just to try sedap ke tak. It was really nice so lepas ni boleh beli lagi.

Senang hidup I, hehehe…..


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