>About being a Mum


I didn’t expect yesterday’s post to make a lot of people smile Smile. But I’m glad it did. I too like reading stories about motherly/fatherly love and what parents will do for their kids.

I am far from perfect and I am still learning (struggling most of the time) to be a good Mum. A lot of the times I feel like I fail miserably as a Mum especially after I have a big fight with Miss 11 or getting so annoyed with Miss 7 or when the girls don’t listen to a word I say or when I feel like I have to nag them all the time . The Other Half said it’s because I have too high an expectation of myself and also too high an expectation of the girls. He said if I lower the bar a bit then I would be much happier.

Most of the time I think he is right and I need to learn to chill out a bit and accept them as kids.

I think all Mums can understand how I feel especially the part where you feel like you are the worst Mum in the world and how you wish there are manuals on how to be a super duper Mum all the time.

Someone asked me the other day who’s the garang parent between The Other Half and I.

I answered, “both of us are!

Kesian our kids kan dapat parents yang dua2 garang, hikhikhik…

(But so far they haven’t wanted to run away from home lagi macam I masa kecik2 dulu bila kena marah dengan my parents, heeeee……).

So, little things like making the special nut butter for Miss 7 and getting a big smile and thank yous from her, making their lunches everyday and hearing them say that they love their lunches, playing with skipping rope with them in the backyard and hearing their laughter make me realise that I’m not a total failure as a Mum.

Now….if only I can learn to take a chill pill occasionally, life would be perfect for me and for the girls and for The Other Half (who has to be the referee all the time), hehehehehe…..

Like my seafood paella tonite, it wasn’t perfect because I didn’t have medium-grain rice so I had to use long-grain rice and it ended up tasting a bit like nasi goreng, hehehe……


On the stove top with the rice half cooked and I’ve just added the raw seafood mix on top of the rice.


From a bird’s-eye view (sebabkan I kemetot, kena panjat the steps untuk ambik gambar ni, hahahaha).


After it’s done and ready to be served.


Close-up view Smile.


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