>His latest achievement


Pagi tadi after our exercise routine, again I heard this excited yell coming from the bathroom. Again tanpa saying anything I pergi hangkut the camera bawak masuk bathroom, hikhikhik….

And again, I present to you his latest….


Taadaaa!!!!! So so close to his dream weight!

And his latest photo showing his slimness Winking smile… Sekarang ni, bila I ajak dia ambik gambar, mau aje dia! (memang vain pakcik ni, hehehe).


Cun kan hubby I sekarang, muahahahahaha…. Ye lah, kalau bukan bini dia yang nak puji, sape lagi kan. I kenalah puji lebih2 so bolehlah dia kembang sebab I yang puji. Kalau dia kembang sebab orang lain yang puji, takut lain pulak jadi nya kan Winking smile.

So since he’s nearly there, I pun masaklah another of his favourite food tonite for dinner.

I made thai red chicken curry with beans and water chestnut, stir fry veges i oyster sauce with egg tofu and chicken sate for The Little Misses (but Dad diaorang pun makan jugak, hehehe).


Sedapnya lah dapat makan nasi ni kan, hehehehehe. Like I told you before, makin kerap we all makan nasi sekarang ni sejak tukar ke healthy lifestyle ni!


Up close of our dinner.


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