>Neighbours from hell


We’ve got 2 horrible neighbours behind our house. The one right behind our house will occasionally go on a yelling match. He would yell abuse to his wife and child using all the swear words imaginable! We all selalu jugak jadi busy body, pergi lekat telinga dekat our windows just to listen, hehehe.

And then we would tell The Little Misses that they should consider themselves lucky that we don’t argue and yell abuse like that guy.

And the one next to him pulak has karaoke mabuk2 session most Saturday nights. And last night was the worst i think.

I don’t mind karaokeing if diaorang nyanyi macam biasa. Their idea of karaoke is to scream on top of their voices along with the song that they can definitely wake the dead with the noise!

Poor Miss 11 tak dapat tidur sampai nearly midnight due to the noise. The girls’ rooms are in the back of the house so memang kiranya they’ll get the brunt of the caterwauling lah. Even dah tutup tingkap pun still dengar sampai bingit telinga tu hah. Luckily Miss 7 dah tidur awal and didn’t hear anything at all.

And they do this most weekends so kiranya memang The Little Misses will not get a good nite’s sleep lah on these nights.

We even gave Miss 11 earbuds to use so if she really can’t stand the noise anymore. Masa we all nak tidur at 11.30, we could still hear them screaming and yelling.

Maybe sebab ni kot the previous owner of this house were forced to sell this house kan. Sebab tak tahan dengan perangai neighbours.

And they definitely are not Mat Salehs sebab all the songs that they screamed out last nite were of the non-english kind.

I want my old neighbourhood back where the only noisy guy was the drummer and he was much much better at his drums than these drunken louts at their singing!

So, hari ni semua orang penat and mengantuk but dinner still had to be served..

I made paprika and lemon baked chicken using this recipe. Our gravy was a bit bitter to my taste, probably from the lemon kot. But The Little Misses makan sedap aje, normally diaorang lah yang akan komplen awal2 kalau rasa lain macam.


I cooked it first on the stove top and then put it in the oven straight away. I love my cast-iron pan sebab I don’t have to transfer to another pan bila nak bake dalam oven.


I know the chicken pieces look a bit dry but they are not, hehehe.


My plate. We all makan dengan bean salad, sauteed diced potatoes and boiled chestnut.


First time I makan chestnuts! Selama ni nak beli tapi tak tau nak maska macam mana and takut tak suka but tadi they were selling it at teh masjid so I pun belilah and ask the ladies there on how to cook it.

Patutlah ramai suka sebab memang so creamy kan!

I think the taste is a bit like biji nangka rebus cuma biji nangkan ni tak se creamy and se manis chestnut kan.

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