>The last day


Tomorrow is the last day of school for this term. Sekejap aje dah 11 weeks kan! Miss 11 has already gone through 1/20th of her high school life, hehehe.

And esok I have promised her that she can take some cupcakes for her friends since it’s going to be her birthday on Wednesday.

She’s turning 12 in 2 days!

She’s only going to give them to about 12 people anyway bukan the whole of her GATE friends so tak payahlah I teruk2 decorate 300 cuppies kan. Bukannya nak buat kenduri sambut menantu, cuma birthday aje pun, hahahaha. So tengah hari tadi I made the cupcakes and malam ni probably I kena decorate them since we have to leave very early for school esok.

Esok Miss 7 ada a special Anzac Day assembly at school and she is in the junior choir so she has to be there early to do the final practice before performing at the assembly.

Dia kena ada kat sekolah by 7.40 esok pagi for her practice but assembly will only start at 9 so melepek lah I menunggu kat kereta nanti. I just hope one of the coffee shops is opened so I can melepak kat situ. But knowing Perth, most probably nothing will be opened, hehehe.

So, minta maaf lah ye sebab I wont be able to reply to all the comments until esok kot. The last day of term is usually very busy for me, tak tau apasal, hikhikhik….

Jadi layan aje lah ye gambar dinner we all malam ni.


I made garlic chilli prawn pasta for the adults and


poloni creamy pasta for the girls. But Miss 7 lagi suka makan our garlicky chilli prawns dari her pasta, hehehehe.


Cuba kira berapa ekor udang on my plate ni. And then substract 2 from that amount (sebab kene kecek dengan Miss 7). Kiranya I cuma makan 4-5 ekor aje kot Smile.


So simple kan.


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