>Anzac Day assembly at school


Terus 2 entries in one night semata2 nak cover entry sebelum, hahahaha.

Tak sanggup I nak layan the questions kalau dia terbaca and terfaham, hikhikhik…memang pengsan!

Jom layan gambar budak yg selalu buat we all tersedak tu….

Pagi tadi ada a special Anzac Day Remembrance assembly at the school. Kiranya macam Hari Pahlawan lah.


Sitting on the stage while waiting for the ceremony to start. Sempat lagi lambai2 kat I, hehehe.


Getting ready to start singing.


Siap ada conductor lagi tu, hehehe.


Begitu bersemangat dia nyanyi this song about the war at Gallipoli. Tiap2 hari rehearse the song kat rumah sampai we all semua dah memorised the lyrics! hikhikhik. But it is a very sad song though….

And at the end ada ceremony meletakkan bouquets of flowers at the flag pole.




Cantik kan all the flowers.

Bunga2 tu semua was brought by all the students. Each student was asked to bawak 1-2 flowers atau greenery and then each class teacher will decorate the flowers into a gorgeous bouquet. Kiranya 1 jambangan tu from 1 classroom lah.

So what did Miss 7 bawak?


Can you see the 2 pink roses and the bunga thai basil underneath it?

Uwahhhhh…. bila the roses are really needed, boleh pulak semua dah layu and tak berbunga. Nasib baik still ada 3 kuntum bunga ros yang tengah berkembang cantik kat garden we all pagi tadi. I pun snipped 2 and then bulk them up with bunga thai basil tu, hahahahaha……

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