>She’s 12 today


12 years ago, she came into the world quite smoothly. No major drama apart from her Dad nak terpengsan at the critical moment sebab he was left alone in the room with me and no doctors in sight (except medical students who had no clue what they were supposed to do Smile).

They thought it was going to be a long delivery sebab first timer tu yang the specialist pi balik rumah dulu!  Tak sangka pulak she was ready to come out only a couple of hours later, hikhikhikhik….

Nasib baik he was able to be paged and sempat sambut the delivery. Or else, memang The Other Half akan tergolek pengsan terus lah sebab kena sambut anak sendiri, muahahahaha…

(Eh, come to think of it. The girls dua2 keluar so cepat and unexpected and he was alone with me both times as well. Saje je I rasa the girls nak bagi Dad diaorang gabra giler Open-mouthed smile).

Layan gambar dia dari kecik sampai sekarang. From a chinese-looking baby to a toddler with the occasional glimpse of Mat Saleh back to a chinese-looking tween, hehehe.

(I rasa kan memang lah kalau Jawa+Mat Saleh ni, anak2 memang sgt2 tinggi the chance of ending up looking like a pure chinese Smile).


A Michelin baby who was fully breastfed at this time but everyone thought I must have added some formula milk because of her chubbiness. At that time I manually pumped the milk using just my hands while at work until I got so good at it Smile, bought so many baby bottles and a chest freezer so I could store all the EBMs (orang datang rumah I ingat chest freezer penuh dgn goodies tapi rupa2nya half taken dgn EBMs , hihihihi), taught the babysitter how to warm the EBMs and how to store them.

That was so much fun! Open-mouthed smile.


A glimpse of Mat Saleh here.


She had curly hair once! But it’s all gone now which is fortunate because she loves having wavy hair Smile.


Back to her chinese-look or is it javanese look (since ambik gambar kat kebun Atuk kat tepi parit kan, hahahaha)? Winking smile


And the latest of her a few days ago. (The Other Half kata she looks so cina in this photo.)

Happy birthday our darling daughter and sister. May your life be always blessed. Wishing that your life is always filled with happiness, surrounded by people who love you and whatever your heart desires comes true.

We are going out tonite to celebrate her birthday!

Yeay, seronok sebab Mum tak payah masak! Double, triple yeays!!!!!!

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