>Scale, bracelet, pasta and buns


It’s Public Holiday here today and it will be a very long weekend! Hari ni cuti Good Friday, then the 2 day weekends, then sambung pulak cuti for Easter Monday and then sambung cuti for Anzac Day on the Tuesday! 5 hari cuti beb! hikhikhik….

Hari ni we all busy kemas rumah sikit2 sebab Miss 12’s friends are coming tonight for her party. But I tak busy memasak sebab cuma nak buat pizza and fries aje kan, kacang gitu! Smile. Takde mee goreng nor spag bol nor mee rebus nor laksa penang nor nasi ayam penyet nor kuih muih yang sedap2 at this party, hahahaha. Memang tak terliur lah I rasa kalau you all datang ke party ni Open-mouthed smile.

Cuma her birthday cake aje lah yang a bit fiddly to make.

She asked for a pavlova cake this year. Dah lama I tak buat pavlova ni lagilah sejak dua menjak we all tak makan dessert sangat2 ni. I made the pavlova layers semalam and bila nak makan nanti baru I decorate it with cream and choc flakes.

Esok aje lah ye I tayang the food and the birthday cake (since tak siap lagi kan Smile).

Hari ni I tayang other food photos and other photos aje…

As usual, the photo update of The Other Half’s weight.


He finally managed to get under 75kg! He is so chuffed because he has finally reached his goal.

Even at this nice weight, his BMI of 23.7 is still at the upper range of the normal BMI for his height. If he wants to get his BMI to 22, he still has to lose some more weight down to 70kg!

I’ve updated this entry to add these 2 photos side by side:

  IMG_3223i   IMG_8888

This was taken in May 2010                            This was taken just now, April 2011

Amatlah jauh bebeno bezanya kan! Dia pun terperanjat sangat2 tengok, lagi lah orang lain kan, hehehehe.

And ini pulak the photos of Miss 7’s new bracelet for life.


Remember the entry when we went to the allergy specialist? He advised us to get a medic-alert bracelet for Miss 7 to wear.


It’s written “allergy: peanuts anaphylaxis” on the back of the bracelet. She has to wear it as long as she lives.

And this was our dinner last night. Baked creamy pink salmon pasta. I just used canned pink salmon and milk and sour cream to make it creamy. Pastu letak frozen peas and mushroom in it.



And ini pulak the choc chip hot cross buns I made this morning for morning tea. I used this recipe except for the gelatine glaze.


But my buns tak secantik in that site but taste-wise is still yummy.


Gebusss inside with a ‘crispy’ top (probably sebab I terlupa about them in the oven, hehehe) Smile.


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