>Post party entry with plenty of photos


How did the ‘party’ go last nite?

I guess it went alright sebab the invite said from 6-8.30 but her friends started coming from 5.45 and stayed until 9.15, hehehehe.

We all put 6pm sebab sempatlah nak solat maghrib dulu before orang datang kan but tak sangka pulak orang nak datang awal. The Other Half lah kena keluar and say hi to the parents sebab I tak siap pakai apa2 lagi pun and tengah tunggu nak solat. Terpaksalah one of the Mums yang nak sangat jumpa I tunggu sekejap while I finished praying.

Out of the 5 invites, 4 of them turned up so kira meriah jugak lah with big girls in the house. And believe me, some of them are big girls! The Other Half was the only male in the house last night Smile. And the house malam tadi memang sounded like a cinema with ‘Cirque du Freak’ playing quite loud. The Other Half kata when he went outside, he could hear the movie playing so loudly, hehehe. Ye lah, the window was wide open so tu yang boleh dengar sampai ke jalan raya Smile.

(padan muka neighbour I yg slalu bising tak hingat tu. Now it’s our turn to buat bising pulak, muahahaha gelak evilDevil).

And with only crisps, jatz, shapes for munchies, pizza and fries for dinner, pods and choc biscuits for dessert and pavlova layer cake for the finale, I didn’t have to do much at all Smile.

The girls were quite happy because they sat infront of the tv the whole time and Miss 7 as the usherette brought them food and drinks.

The chit chatting before the movie.


The movie starting.


The cute usherette.


The cake assembling which had to be done just before the cake had to be served.


Tapi nak jadi cerita, I broke the glass cake platter just before the assembling. Tension betul, so terpaksalah letak the cake on a plate aje Sad smile.

I made 4 round pavlova discs which I sprinkled with hazelnut meal before baking them. I made the discs on Thursday.


The baked version. Ada lebihan batter tu so I made meringues out of it.


Topping each disc with whipped fresh cream.


Then grating mint chocolate on top of the cream before layering it with another pavlova disc.


The end product.


Layered pavlova cake. Miss 12 tak nak anything else on her pavlova cake, she only wanted cream and choc sahaja.


memang saje je I buat all the grated chocs to be everywhere, ala2 rustic style gitu, hehehe.

Upacara memotong cake.



Everyone has to have a jump shot one way or another Eye rolling smile.



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