>Just some photos of dinners


I only wanted to show 2 nights worth of dinners but judging from the amount of photos I put up, macam seminggu punya dinner pulak, hehehehe….

For dinner last nite, I made fish and prawn skewers cooked on the barbie. Sejak ada BBQ guna gas, it’s so easy to have BBQ every nite. Just turn on the knob and 5 minutes later, it’s ready to be used Smile.


We had them with couscous and beans salad.



I used barramundi fillet for the fish. I cuma marinate the fish and prawns in garlic, ginger, olive oil, cumin, coriander, smoked paprika, five spice powder, dried oregano and salt.

And then for dinner tonite, I made roast chicken with smashed roast mixed sweet potato and potato and mixed beans salad.


The mixed smashed roast keledek and kentang. I roast the potatoes and keledek first. Dah masak baru letak atas chopping board and cincang dia sikit with fresh thyme and basil. Then I sprinkled with pepper and chicken salt. Makan dengan sour cream and sweet chilli sauce Smile.


The mixed beans salad with raw mushroom, capsicum and cucumber.


The succulent looking bird.


After that big meal, all of us went out for a 55 minute walk di dalam gelap tadi while it was drizzling lightly. It was really fun!


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