>Eggs and bunnies


It was quite silly sebab we all pagi2 morning lagi dah keluar rumah, at 7.40am, when it is still a public holiday hari ni.

Do you want to know why we all keluar rumah awal giler? (welllll….. kalau you all tak nak tau pun, I still nak tulis jugak, hehehe.)

Sebab, the shopping malls hari ni bukak pukul 8 pagi and I had a big mission to complete.

What was this big mission?

Splurging on(or borong ‘ing’) truck loads of choc easter goodies!

Punyalah cheapskate I ni kan, tunggu after habis Easter baru beli the special chocs sebab they marked the chocs down to 50% off! Jimat duit weh! hehehe….

Kalau tak pergi awal, takut habis pulak the stock sebab a lot of Mat Salehs pun gi borong the special easter chocs tadi.

And khas untuk ZombieDaddy and Shidah, I buat sneak preview aka tayangan meruntun jiwa for you guys Open-mouthed smile.


Chocs galore! With diffferent sized eggs and choc bunnies. All the chocs in the packets are egg-shaped. So cute kan! Some of the chocs are shaped like chicks, bilbies even but mostly rabbits lah.


One for you, two for me, one for you, two for me, hikhikhikhik……


These ones pulak macam telur cicak kan, hahahaha…..

Pastu, lepas siap memborong around 9.30 am, we headed out towards Malaga to take The Little Misses ice skating.

That was the first time in their lives pergi ice skating. Nasib baik we spent 2 hours there so dapatlah jugak diaorang ‘skated’ in the last hour instead of asik jatuh tergolek, tersembam and terduduk aje everytime they tried to skate Smile.The Other Half dah tau skate so best lah dia show off depan anak2 dia tadi, hehehe.

I rasakan, The Little Misses will wake up esok pagi with bruises everywhere!

I cuma duduk kat tepi ambik gambar and sambil2 gelakkan diaorang senyap2 and sambil menggigil kesejukan, hehehe.

Esok2lah ye I put up the photos I took there.

So tonite, sebab dah penat menengok diaorang ber ice skating, I masak burger and chips aje.



Diaorang yg penat2 berice skating, Mum dia yang malas masak pulaknya, heeeee…..


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