>Swimming in the rain


Today is probably the wettest day we’ve ever had so far this year in Perth and how did we spend it?

By going swimming in the rain, hehehe….

We got invited a few weeks ago to a makan2 and pool party to be held today. Manalah nak tau that the clouds are going to pour out their hearts today kan because it’s been quite nice the past few weeks Smile.

But the kids biasalah, they wouldn’t be deterred by anything. Still masuk the pool walaupun it was drizzling a bit at that time. Sampai sejuk biru menggigil2 everyone berendam in the pool tadi, hehehehe.

Mak2 pulak duduk sedap2 kat dining room sambik makan2 and borak2!

And as usual, kalau pergi rumah orang, mesti lah bawak something kan.

I made donuts to take because I knew that there’ll be plenty of kids around.



I made choc topping and strawberry topping. But the strawberry topping tercair pulaknya so all the 100s&1000s meleleh jatuh onto the paper, hehehe.


Mentang2 lah baru habis jualan Easter egg chocs kan so hiasan donut pun kena ada eggs Smile.


But the green dinosaurs still takkan dilupakan, hahaha….

And some photos of The Little Misses before they turned blue from cold tadi Smile.


Miss 7 said to me, “When we go swimming at my swimming class, it’s cold outside but very warm in the water but this time, it’s so cold in the water!

But still nak main2 dalam tu jugak.




And suddenly lepas mandi dalam hujan, semua masuk dalam rumah mengadu lapar. Nasib baik Mak2 belum sempat menghabiskan all the food! Winking smile.


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