>Ice skating in Perth in Autumn


Hari ni malas sikit nak ber ‘kata2’ so you all layan gambar we all pergi ber ice skating lah ye. Kat Perth ni takdak snow even during the ‘coldest’ Winter time so tu yang The Little Misses teruja sungguh2 nak main ice Smile.

Se ulu2 Perth ni, ada jugak 3 ice skating rinks, hikhikhik. But selama2 we all duk sini, ni lah baru first time we all try ber ice skating, hampeh sungguh kan Smile.


Sungguh excited nak masuk the rink, masa ni still so dry and so warm.


One of the many falls. She’s quite good though, macam mana gedebub dia jatuh pun, she could still smile and got up quickly again. Takde setitis air mata langsung yang turun.


The first half an hour, The Little Misses just went around and around the rink, holding on to the walls, hehehe.



No, they weren’t dancing. Miss 12 was holding on for dear life on her Dad’s hands.


Cubaan melepaskan tangan but tak lama, pastu berdebub jatuh balik Smile.


sweating and soaked already.



Nasib baik Dad terer skating kan, so bolehlah tarik the 2 girls around the rink, hahaha…And nasib baik lah lengan Dad dah penuh dengan strong muscles sekarang so bolehlah lift them up easily bila jatuh Open-mouthed smile.


A novel way to skate without doing all the work Winking smile.



Look Mum! We are not holding onto anything!

Yeay!!!! They could do it finally…


Ooops! I spoke too soon Winking smile.

And they’ve caught the ice skating bug already and can’t wait to go again.


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