>Nothing royal in this house


We did it! We didn’t watch the royal wedding at all (except when Miss 12 swtiched on the TV sebab nak tengok dvd and the channel was showing the wedding at that time). I think ramai jugak kot yang seangkatan dgn we all malas nak tengok, hehehe.

Luckily we don’t watch that much TV anyway or else memang meroyan lah nak tengok TV malam ni sebab semua channels tengah tayang the royal wedding and the aftermath and everything associated with the royals. News pun we all tak tengok malam ni sebab dah sahih2 akan tayang pasal the wedding. I don’t know when the story will die down a bit though.

I rasa agaknya ramai jugak malam ni yang masak dinner ala2 royalti kan. Kot2 ada yg buat queen’s pudding ke, victoria sponge ke, salmon ke, hikhikhik…..

But malam ni, I masak the opposite of royal food. I masak instant noodle goreng with baked crumbed drumsticks and salad Smile.


Dinner we all ni memang tak kan nya you all jumpa in any royal wedding menus, believe me! Muahahaha….


Maybe I should sprinkle silver or gold leaves on the maggi kan…. Baru boleh jadi ala2 royal food sikit Smile with tongue out.


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