>What happens when…..


What happens when….

Mum, Dad and The Little Misses dah takde kerja sangat after dinner tadi. And Mum was going through the photos that she took tengah hari tadi at the playground and exclaiming to her hubby that she can find a photo of Bruce Willis and Vin Diesel yang ada iras2 rupa The Other Half.

And her hubby was feeling extra vain tonite and answered the wife’s call by posing to look like those two actors.

And this is what happened.



Which one is the real Vin Diesel? Hikhikhikhik…

Miss 7 cakap, “I thought that was you Dad!”

Kembang semangkuk Dad dia, muahahaha.Laughing out loud

(credit to this website for the Vin Diesel image).

And another one….


(credit to this website for this image).


I said to him, “Alamak! I forgot to put the fake blood on your cheek. And don’t forget the tanning lotion as well. Then barulah you look like Bruce!”

Let him be….. let him be…..

hikhikhikhik Eye rolling smile.

Nanti kalau you dah pergi Hollywood jangan lupa pulak kat wife you yang masih setia menanti…


And kat anak2 you yang masih setia bergayut menunggu….





I told you we all tengah takde kerja, hahahahahaha….


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