>Persimmon and pide


Semalam we went driving further down south semata2 nak cari persimmons that are currently in season. Tapi bukannya drive jauh mana pun, around 30kms aje pun but in Perth, itu dah kira jauh, hehehe.

Kalau kat the shops, they are selling at $1.50/fruit which is ok lah harga dia. But semalam, when we went to the orchards, we got it for $12/box for the seconds. Seconds here doesn’t mean that the fruits’ been half eaten tau, hehehe. It only means that the fruits won’t be winning the fruits beauty pageant because of blemishes on the skins Smile.


They taste so gooooooooood…… So so sweet and creamy….. And for 50cents each, lagilah manisnya kan Open-mouthed smile. The Other Half kata, nampak gayanya kena pergi beli kat that orchard every 2 weeks lah sebab everyone loves persimmon including Miss 12 yang very picky with her fruits itu!

I tak kisah……I love going fruit hunting at all the orchards….

Hari ni for dinner I made turkish pide with mince topping.

I guna recipe from here untuk buat the pide base. This is the first time I buat pide menjadi macam pide yang jual kat kedai tu! Dulu2, kalau I buat, just jadi macam bread biasa aje, nothing different. Kali ni, memang rasa the chewiness with the holes inside as well. I followed the recipe to a T, I’m happy!

And the filling pulak I guna this recipe but I added a few other things and omitted a few things Smile. I tambah  about 2 tablespoons of pizza sauce and half a can of diced tomato to the mince mixture. And I guna beef mince instead of lamb mince.

I masak the mince filling dulu while the breadmaker’s kneading the dough for the pide.

And then, I bake the pide for about 8 minutes until slightly golden. Pastu I keluarkan from the oven and put the cooked mince mixture on top of the baked pide and then tabur a bit of grated cheddar and baked them again just until the cheese has melted.



Bila dah siap di bakar dlm oven.



Kena lah makan dengan salad kan, baru lah my tekak boleh terima, hehehe.


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