>Mat Saleh, melayu, jawa….


Sometimes when you’ve been married for so long (well, I think 15 years can be considered a long time), you don’t see your partner as anything other than ‘them’.

Macam I lah kan, when I look at The Other Half, I dont see him as a Mat Saleh, I only see him as him, my husband. And he sometimes forgets that I’m a Malay (Melayu kat surat beranak Smile) because he sees me as me, his wife. And The Little Misses pun only see us as their parents, not Caucasian or Asian. Kids are colour blind kan, it’s adults yang force their beliefs on them.

Selalu jugak bila I tanya The Little Misses about their friends at school whether they are Asians on Caucasians, they’ll ask me back, “what do you mean? They are Aussies.” I have to ask whether they are like Dad or like Mum, skin-wise, hair-wise, colour-of-eye-wise, hehehe……

Lagi lah when your hubby ni jenis boleh katakan semua dia makan and loves nasi and kari. And mintak nasi and kari at least once a week Smile. Tu yang lagi buat terlupa dia ni Mat Saleh pure, hahaha.

Until lah occasionally, some things pop up which remind you that he is a Mat Saleh.

Like tonite for example….

This is his plate for dinner tadi.



He wanted meat and 3 veg for dinner. I cooked the silverside and then boiled the potatoes, carrots and broccoli in the silverside stock afterwards just like his late Nenek sedara used to do a long time ago, heeeee……

He grew up with this kind of food, meat and 3 veg. I ni jarang sgt2 masak plain meat and 3 veg because I find them a bit boring. But occasionally, I masak lah jugak bila The Other Half nak.

But I tak tahan tengok the boiled potatoes looking so bland and bleugh. I added basil, sour cream and mayo and baked them in the oven. Barulah tak nampak bleugh and tertarik jugaklah minat I nak makan kan, hikhikhik….

But untuk tekak Jawa I ni, lagi sedap duduk bersila makan nasi ambeng ramai2…..

Sambil makan silverside tadi, sambil I terbayang2 kesedapan nasi ambeng….


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