>Mother’s Day at our house


Happy Mother’s Day to all mums out there including my Mak and MIL. Thank you for everything you have ever done for us and letting us be our own person. Nothing can ever repay your love.

How did I celebrate Mother’s Day today? Like any other normal Sunday Smile. We spent the morning at Sunday school and then the afternoon lepaking at home.

I did get some home-made presents from The Little Misses pagi tadi when they woke up.


Miss 12 made the origami flowers while Miss 7 made the pop-up card and the blue cloth cover at school. The blue cloth is supposed to be a placemat tapi I told her that I’ll use it as the CPU cover so I’ll see it everyday, hehehehe.

And they (and The Dad) also gave me a spa voucher which includes a full body massage (la la la….), a facial massage, full body scrub (what??? who’s going to scrub me? Winking smile), manicure and pedicure. But I told the Dad that I wanted that for Mother’s Day so kiranya it wasn’t a surprise lah, hahahaha.

But I have to find the right time to go there because I need 4 hours for the whole treatment. So, kalau pergi masa school days, definitely have to rush there and back so tak boleh lah nak relax2 kan. Hmmmmmm……

And then for dinner pulak, seperti biasa I cooked dinner Eye rolling smile.

What did you say? They cooked dinner for me sebab it’s mother’s day? Muahahaha….. takde nya!

This was The Other Half’s idea when I told him that I want to eat something that I like for dinner but can’t be bothered cooking since it’s Mother’s Day..

I know what. You love noodles so much so why don’t YOU cook instant noodles for dinner tonite. I want the hot one though.”

Say what???????

Uwahhhhhhh!!!!!!! Nyampah nya dapat hubby yang sangat2 tak romantik ni. Ada ke his idea of giving me a rest was to have instant noodles for dinner tonite but I still have to cook it!

I pun terus ‘merajuk’, I masak nasi goreng pedas with ikan goreng utk I for dinner but still made them pizza!

But I cuma buat the dough aje and asked The Other Half to pandai2lah sediakan all the toppings himself. Padan muka dia, hehehe.



My dinner, nasi goreng with telur mata kerbau. I letak 2 cili besar and 3 cili api but still tak pedas…..



Their dinner tonite, pizza with chicken pieces and bocconcini.

Pandai pulak tetiba buat pizza tu bila bini dah merajuk, hahahaha….


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