>Burger to prepare her for NAPLAN :-)


Esok Miss 7 will start her 3 days of NAPLAN test.

She’ll have 2 papers tomorrow, 1 paper on Wednesday and 1 paper on Thursday. Then dia kata dia merdeka!!!!! Hikhikhik….

The papers tomorrow are for Language Conventions (which I think is the same as grammar kot) and Writing (which I think is writing a story). Each test cuma 40 minutes aje. Then she’ll have Reading (which is reading and comprehension) on Wednesday for 45 minutes. Then Numeracy on Thursday for 45 minutes.

Every Year 3, 5, 7 and 9 student in Australia will be doing this test esok. But I’m not sure what kind of test the Yr 9 students will be doing sebab they are in high school already.

Kalau kat M’sia, the schools sure dah bersiap sedia berbulan2 awal with extra classes for the students, weekend motivational seminars lah and then pulun study for a few days before the big test kan.

Kat OZ ni pulak, jauh panggang dari api, hehehe.

Bila I tanya Miss 7, did they do test practice the whole day today and last week. She answered, “No. We only did a few practice but we did other things as well.”

But sebab Mak dia from M’sia kan ada sikit2 tempias kiasu, so terpaksalah Miss 7 membuat all the extra sample tests at home after school, hehehe.

So, Mum dia masak apa to prepare her for the big day esok?

Burger and chips aje, hahahaha…

I masak benda yang gerenti akan mendapat tepukan gemuruh from the clients and gerenti akan licin the platesOpen-mouthed smile.



I think a lot of kids will be happy to have this for dinner kan, hehehe.


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