>Explosion in the kitchen


Hari ni I rasa I did non stop cleaning!

Pagi tadi, macam biasa vacuum the whole house, scrubbed and mopped the toilets and bathrooms and the laundry then mopped then non carpeted areas.

I was so happy looking at the clean floors and bathrooms and toilets and kitchen.

Suddenly, petang tadi while I was cooking dinner…

This happened!




I don’t know what happened,

I flipped open my tomato paste squeeze bottle and then next thing I know, the tomato paste exploded and went everywhere!

Aggggghhhhhhhhh…… Rasa nak menangis I tadi bila tengok what happened to my kitchen walls, the ceiling, the clean floors, the dining table, the dining room floor, the rug, the kitchen bench. It even went onto my body!


Nasib baik ada Miss 12 yang willing to help me clean up the mess. The Other Half wasn’t home yet tadi or else sure dia pun kena tolong jugak.

So tadi, sambil masak, sambil I sental the ceiling and the walls Sad smile. Terus terasa macam Cinderella aje tadi, hikhikhik….

Nasib baik dinner was halfway done, kalau tak, memang I akan ajak makan kat luar aje lah tadi sebab penat giler menyental!

And what did I cook for dinner sambil menyental tadi…


beef and vegetable pie.



Makan dgn bread, steamed veges and cheese stix.


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