>Not a wordless Wednesday


Selepas bertungkus lumus menyental ceiling and the walls and the kitchen bench semalam, I bertungkus lumus sental the oven racks and the stove top metal bit thingy siang tadi.

And now you know why my biceps and triceps are so well defined kan! hikhikhik….

Tak payah susah payah lift weights at the gym, tak payah susah payah do push ups. Just sental bathrooms, sental toilets, sental the walls, sental all the periuk belanga, sental the oven hari2, gerenti akan dapat nicely well defined triceps and biceps!


My weight still hovers around 44.7kg-45kg nowadays. Kalau tiba2 I datang mood nak ‘binge’ eating, I akan makan fried stuff and sweet dessert. But lepas tu, I’ll just go back to normal eating and my weight will sort itself out Smile. Sekali sekala binge eating wont make you gain weight. Hari2 over eating baru lah you’ll gain weight Open-mouthed smile.

The Other Half’s weight pulak has reached 72.8kg now. He’s happy now sebab makin ramai yang perasan he’s lost the weight. I guess sebab sekarang ni dia makin gemar pakai tight tops kan tu yang nampak obvious sangat, hikhikhik.

Oh ye before I terlupa…

The answer to the question is 80 calories burned in 30 minutes.Laughing out loud

If you don’t know what the question is, don’t ask sebab my blog is definitely a G/U blog, hehehehe…..

If you know what the question is, macam tak berbaloi aje kan to only burn that much in 30 minutes!

Hahahahahahaha……DevilSmile with tongue outWinking smile

And going back to the General theme of this blog, we had crumbed stuffed chicken breast with pasta for dinner tonite.

First, I stuffed the chicken breast with basil, sundried tomato and bocconcini cheese. Then I ground salt n pepper on it.


Pastu, I ‘seal’ the breast with a skewr so bila masak nanti, all the fillings tak terkeluar.

Then I crumbed it with breadcrumb and pan fry it in olive oil. Then I bake it in the oven for about 8 minutes so the inside is completely cooked.


Pastu, makan dengan gnocchi cooked in Leggo’s stir-through pasta sauce.


Sangatlah nikmatnya Smile. The Other Half kata nampak mcm sangat lah posh nya the chicken itu, hehehe….


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