>Same old same old….


I was saying to The Other Half just now that we tend to eat the same thing for dinner over and over again.

Take tonight for example, we had fish and chips for dinner with salad, again!

Kat rumah ni kan, every week mesti ada chips in the menu, at least once but kadang2 twice a week Smile. Kalau takde chips in a week tu, macam rasa tak lengkap lah our dinners. Sure akan tertanya2 The Little Misses and The Other Half what has happened to the chips Winking smile. And in our freezer, memang sentiasa ada stock chips ni.

Does that mean that the cook in the house jenis yang suka masak benda yang paling sempoi or does it show that kat rumah ni ramai tekak Mat Saleh?

You rasa jawapan yang manalah yang betul agaknya ye, hahahaha….

Tu sebab Mat Saleh ramai yang gumuk2 sebab they selalu makan chips ni and most of them will fry the chips instead of baking it, hahaha. Tak makan nasi pun boleh gemuk kan Winking smile. Pastu, a bag of chips pun sangat lah murah nya and kadang2 tu lagi murah dari harga sekilo kentang.

Dah lah murah, macam2 jenis bentuk chips ada di jual. They have shoestring (french fries), steakhouse, crinkly cut, straight cut, chunky steakhouse, homestyle, seasoned straight cut, wedges, hash brown, curly fries, potato gems and macam2 lagi lah.

Kadang2 I berdiri lama depan freezer kat the shops sebab tak tau nak choose potato chips yang mana satu, hahahahaha.

Jadi untuk orang macam I yang kadang2 agak malas nak prepare dinner, it is so easy to just buy a bag of chips and put them on a tray and shove the tray in the oven. 20-30 minutes later, dah siap the carbs for our dinner.

Kalau I buy a kilo of kentang, nak kena peel dulu, pastu nak kena rebus sekejap dulu, pastu nak kena cut them nicely into chip size and then bake them after that.

Banyak kerja kan and most of the time my home-made chips tak sesedap the bought ones, hahaha!

But I guess like The Other Half said to me, “it’s much better to cook the same thing over and over again and loved by everyone than cook a different new thing everyday but might be rejected by everyone.”

Sometimes I wish I can be like that Julia who cooked every single recipe in the Julia Child’s recipe book. That would be interesting kan!

Tapi sebab tekak orang rumah ni bermacam2 ragam, I think I might have to shelf that thought lah eh. Open-mouthed smile.

Tunggu budak2 ni besar sikit, maybe lah kot kan I can be like that Julia.

But I think I’m not disciplined and committed enough to just follow 1 recipe book……

I like the variety which makes life so much more interesting, hikhikhik….


I told you it’s fish and chips for dinner again. But I made the fish myself and the veges for the salad all came from our garden Smile.

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