>Roses everywhere but not mine


Pagi tadi I pergi ke rumah Ustazah yang ajar we all ngaji kat masjid. First time I pergi rumah dia ni padahal 2 minit aje drive from my house, hehehe.

Sampai aje rumah dia, terpegun I tengok all the rose bushes at her house! So many blooming roses and so many rose bushes. Kalau Mak and Abah I tengok, mau agaknya diaorang suruh I mintak anak benih and suruh tanam kat rumah I ni, muahahaha….

I could see all the colours of a 24-crayon box in the rose bushes. Bukan setakat 7 colours of the rainbow aje you, hahahaha. Well, maybe not green or black or brown lah Winking smile.

And I dengan muka tak malunya pergi mintak some flowers to take home, heeee…..

But I only took 8 kuntum aje pun, memang tak luak langsung lah and I took the ones that I think have interesting colours.


I know, I know, I cannot be a florist. Dulu masa ambik subjek gubahan bunga kat KEMAS, I dapat F, muahahaha Winking smile.

The colours that I took were very pale purple, bright yellow, bright orange, pink, peach and dual pink-white.


the orange and the dual coloured roses.


The yellow, peach and dual coloured roses.


The really pale purple rose. The Other Half kata this rose smells like turkish delight, hahaha.


The gorgeous pink rose.

Next time I pergi rumah dia, I’ll ask her if I can take photos of the rose bushes ye.

Dah puas layan gambar the roses, layan gambar dinner we all pulak ye.

I made garlic naan tonite to eat with butter chicken and spiced potato. Tapi tekak I terasa nak makan indian rice but malas nak buat. Nasib baik ada pre-cooked instant vegetable basmathi rice kat dalam pantry tu. I tinggal microwave it for 2 minutes and siap di’masak’ Smile.



The butter chicken I guna recipe from here but I tak marinate the chicken overnight sebab takde masa. I cuma marinated it for 30 minutes aje, hehehe.


And the garlic naan I used this recipe but I replaced the butter with oil and I only used 2 tablespoons of oil. And I baked the naan in 180°C oven instead of grilling it.

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