>Why is my handbag heavy?


I really have no idea why my handbag is so heavy. Everytime I go to the shops, after about 30 minutes of walking, my right shoulder rasa macam nak tercabut and my right arm rasa macam kebas aje, hikhikhik…

Pastu, terus rasa alangkah best nya kalau lepas shopping, boleh terus pergi berurut. But, if I were to do that, hari2 lah kena berurut nampak gayanya sebab boleh katakan hari2 I pergi the shops, hahahaha….

Kalau dulu, masa The Little Misses baby and toddlers lagi, I can understand bila berat sebab I shoved everything that they need in the bag.

But now, they are already big, my handbag is still so heavy! Heran I, hehehehe….

This are the ‘permanent’ stuff in my handbag..


If you see, mana ada benda berat yang boleh menyengetkan bahu kan. The heaviest is probably my wallet tu. I guess it is berat sebab it has loads of coins in it Open-mouthed smileand coins kat OZ ni are quite heavy jugaklah especially the gold ones. Kalau banyak notes in the wallet, definitely tak berat kan, hehehe. Ini setakat coins aje, memanglah berat giler Smile with tongue out.

And then, occasionally my handbag will have additional things in it like 2 iPods, another set of keys, a DS, food…..

Masa ni memang amat2 nak tercabut my bahu mengangkut the bag.

Nak aje I suruh The Other Half carry my handbag sometimes, heeee…..

(Nasib baik black kan, not pink or pale blue or purple so kalau The Other Half pegang, tak lah dia rasa sungguh2 tak macho kanSmile).

Malam ni I malas nak fikir nak masak apa, I masak kuey teow goreng aje.


For us, I added loads of black and white pepper into it.

But still tak sesedap the black pepper kuey teow noodles I used to have in Kuching satu waktu dulu. The Other Half and I sangat2lah berkenan kat kuey teow goreng kat kantin kat tempat I kerja dulu and everytime he came to Kuching, we would have it everyday for breakfast, hehehe.


Tapi everytime bini dia try to recreate the same kuey teow, memang tak pernah menjadi. There’s always something missing which I dont know what…


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