>Rain, tornado, flooding and puddles


We had the best rain of the year today!

Siap ada mini tornado lagi tu! But in another suburb about 5 minutes drive from my house.

Dari malam tadi, BOM (which is our jabatan kaji cuaca Smile) dah bagi warning yang there might be a thunderstorm this morning between 6-10 o’clock.

So, The Other Half tak jadi lah naik beskal pergi kerja pagi tadi, he caught the bus and train instead. Which was lucky for him or else memang akan basah kuyup and sejuk menggigil2 lah dia kalau naik beskal.

And the storm came at 8 o’clock when semua orang tengah bersiap nak hantar their children to school. Memang terasa macam kat M’sia aje tadi masa tengah driving in the heavy rain, hehehe. Except that it was freezing cold lah and kena pasang heater in the car Smile.

Punyalah jakunnya we all tengok puddles everywhere and some flooding on the roads. Miss 7 and Miss 12 and their Mum went ooh and aah bila nampak puddles and the ‘rivers’ of water. Ye lah, nak tengok hujan pun susah kat Perth ni, lagi lah banjir kan, hahaha. Nasib baik lah my car tinggi lah jugak so tak lah stuck in the floods.

And the journey to school yang normally will take around 10-12 minutes, pagi tadi took us about 30 minutes. We got stuck at the traffic light at the corner of the school for 10 minutes. Miss 12 dah gabra sebab takut lambat sampai kelas and dapat ‘pink slip’ for being late. I said to her that all the teachers will understand if anyone is late today.

And then when we finally got to the carpark, the walk to Miss 7’s class that took 2 minutes made her kasut lencun. Badan tak basah sebab pakai raincoat but kasut basah kuyup sebab there were puddles everywhere.

Nasib baik her teacher was so nice and made a temporary clothes dryer infront of the wall heater for the students to hang their soaked socks to get dry Open-mouthed smile.

Miss 7 was so happy to take off her shoes and socks and went barefooted in her class tadi, hehehehe. But classes here semua ada wall to wall carpet so tak lah sejuk their feet.

And it had been raining on and off the whole day today.

But instead of masak wintery food, I masak Summer food malam ni Winking smile.

I made oven baked chicken drumsticks guna recipe from here.


And seperti biasa, makan dengan oven baked chips and steamed veges aje.


Our favourite kind of food, simple to cook yet filling Smile.


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