>Cooking pizza in the BBQ


How’s your Sunday everyone?

Mine is the same except there was a food ‘fair’ at the masjid tadi. Just a few tables selling the usual malay food.

What did I buy?

Karipap as usual, padahal ada frozen karipap I baru buat on Friday in the freezer! But I tak tau lah kenapa, everytime I nampak karipap, mesti kena beli jugak, hahaha. So I bought 5 pieces which was $1 each. Terer kan karipap kat OZ ni, $1 each, hikhikhik. But they were big and makan 1 dah terasa lah a bit kenyang jugak. I beli 5 sebab The Little Misses love karipap and diaorang aje makan 2 each Smile.

Then I bought kuih ketayap. Kat sini ketayap they jual 4 keping for $3.50. Since The Little Misses and The Other Half suka ketayap and I cuma buat ketayap masa bulan puasa aje, terpaksalah I beli 8 keping ketayap tadi. Can you imagine bayar $7 for 8 keping ketayap! Sure buntang mata Mak Abah I kalau tau Open-mouthed smile.

Then I bought popia goreng pedas for $1 each. I bought 2, 1 each for me and The Other Half. Then I bought mee rebus for me to have for lunch which was $4.50 for a small container but it was very filling for me. The Other Half I tak belikan any meal sebab he wanted to have the nasi lemak leftover I made last night for lunch.

And since lunch dah makan asian food, malam ni for dinner, I made pizza.

But this time instead of baking them in the oven, we baked them in the BBQ using the hood to keep the temperature stable like an oven.

It came out really crisp and we could imagine that it was a ‘wood-fired’ pizza, hehehehe…..

If you nak tau how to bake pizza in a BBQ, this is the link.

And baru lah I tau yang if you want a crispy-based pizza, you dont add sugar to the dough ingredients. But if you like your pizza a bit bread-like, you add a bit of sugar masa buat dough tu.


I did all the preps and his job was to keep an eye on the temperature of the BBQ ‘oven’ and also making sure that the pizzas don’t get burnt (which I think is the most important job, hehehehe.).


Going in….


After 13 minutes in the BBQ, it was crispy and perfectly cooked.


Nampak yummy tak? Winking smile


I could only finish 2 pieces sebab still kenyang lagi from lunch, heeee….


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