>Nasi lemak, instant noodles and roses


Kisah dua beranak yang terjadi masa they were swapping their ice cream around…

Bapak nya: I want this ice cream because I think this is the english toffee one.

Anak nya: How do you know it’s english toffee?

Bapak nya: Because of their accent.

Anak nya: Eh? Ice cream has accent?

Emak nya: hehehehehehehehehe……….. Open-mouthed smile.

Nah sejambak bunga for those of you who understand the joke Winking smile.



This morning, instead of just taking photos of the roses, I was offered the roses as well to take home. I pun apa lagi, terima dengan tangan terbuka lah, hahaha. Tu yang ada sejambak bunga at home Smile.

Kalau tak nak sejambak roses, you can have the single ones below.





See, mosquito pun suka kat roses kan!


I know it has blemishes on the petal, but it is still pretty to my eyes Smile.

And untuk sape yang tak suka roses or bunga2 ni, layan lah gambar our dinner ye.


Ini nasi lemak dinner on Saturday night.


Ini pulak dinner instant noodles with stry fry beef n chicken n veges malam ni.


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